New D12 SUV Set to Join Spyker Range in 2016

While the B6 Venator may have been the main point of interest at Spyker’s Geneva stand, the 911-figher isn’t the only vehicle with which the Dutch automaker is trying to boost its sales volumes. It already has the C8 Aileron in its lineup, of which they have sold around 300 units since its 2008 introduction, at a price of around $245,000 (€189,000), and from 2016, the range will get another new, but quite different, model. You may remember the D12 Paris-to-Peking concept, which was also revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, but back in 2006. Spyker is planning to launch a crossover by 2016, and while the production version of the D12 won’t be built to the exact specifications of the concept, it will still look pretty much like it, from what we understand. The company wants to boost their production output considerably in the coming years, and with the B6, which is priced between $125,000 and $150,000 (€96,000 to €115,300), they will be able to partly achieve that goal, as they are estimating an annual production figure of 2,500 units. In addition, before they actually get the D12 crossover/SUV into the market, the B6 needs to prove itself, but not only as a left-field choice for those who don’t want a Porsche 911, but a viable one at that. Otherwise, Spyker will have neither the money nor the confidence to proceed with their ambitious plans. Furthermore, when it comes to very small manufacturers, like Spyker, plans made three years in advance are never really respected to the letter – we want to see the production-spec D12, but we’re still not sure we’re going to… By Andrei Nedelea Story References: Edmunds