Opel Brings Adam Rocks and R2 Rallye Concepts to the Geneva Motor Show

As it turns out, ItalDesign’s pair of Parcour concepts aren’t the only studies making their debut at the Geneva Motor Show that are inspired by parkour athletes, as Opel claims the same about its new Adam Rocks, though, we’ll take the former any time of the day and night if anybody is offering keys, thank you very much. If you want the short story –and we’re guessing you probably do, the Adam Rocks is a concept that gives Opel’s premium a little more character by blending styling elements from crossovers with a large retractable fabric top. The Adam-based model features a 15mm higher and 40mm wider stance, along with new body cladding, redesigned bumpers and a fresh set of wheels, and yes, Opel is likely considering a production model for the near future. The second Opel Adam concept is the R2 Rallye that follows the “CUP” version launched in November of 2012. It is based on FIA R2 regulations R2 and is powered by a 1.6-liter ECOTEC gasoline engine generating 182hp (185PS / 136kW) and peak torque of 190Nm. Following its homologation, the ADAM R2 will be eligible for every national championship in Europe. “All 40 vehicles that Opel planned to race in Germany and France have already been sold and are in the hands of their proud owners,” said new Opel CEO, Karl-Thomas Neumann.
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