Porsche Unveils 991 GT3 in Geneva and Releases First Driving Video Not a Moment Too Soon

It’s something of a ritual, really, and it dates back to the 964: Whenever Porsche changes the 911, the first reaction from the purists (and, let’s admit it, the press too) is that it has somehow lost something of the previous model’s character. Never mind that this “character” sometimes felt like killing you…

Imagine what’s going to happen now that Stuttgart has tampered with one of the holy cows in the 911 ziggurat…

The venerable GT3 no longer uses the old Mezger unit (which also powered the Turbo), and now comes with an electrically assisted power steering, while adding insult to injury, you can have any gearbox you like as long as it’s the updated dual-clutch PDK semi-auto.

Well, at least the flat-six engine’s still in the right/wrong (delete as appropriate) place, there’s a fixed rear wing, twin center exhausts, huge wheels housing equally big stoppers and a big, menacing bumper up front.

Porsche has just released its first video containing driving footage of the 991-gen GT3 that is available after the break. It may be short but it’s mostly action – which, we suspect, is what anyone interested in the new, 469HP GT3 wants to see.

By Andrew Tsaousis




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