Renault Pranks Customers with "Va Va Voom" Button that Brings Paris in Front of Their Eyes

Following Pepsi’s Jeff Gordon commercial, in which a salesman was (supposedly) punk’d by the NASCAR driver, we now have another test drive prank, this time organized by Renault UK. However, there’s a different scenario here, as the salesman is the one pranking customers, not the other way round. Here’s what happens. Two unsuspecting male customers (at least that’s what Renault says) come for a test drive with the new Clio and are surprised by the salesman’s proposal to push the so-called “Va Va Voom” button on the dashboard. Of course, that button doesn’t really exist on regular Clios, with “Va Va Voom” being one of Renault’s advertising slogans.All of a sudden, the grey city streets turn into a lively Paris scene, much to the drivers’ surprise. An orchestra, an improvised café, street vendors and noisy pedestrians are flooding the street. However, the climax is reached when a group of scantily dressed women shows up in front of the car and starts some cabaret-style dancing. We don’t know whether the customers were genuinely surprised or just good actors, but their reactions seem more natural than those of the salesman from the Pepsi commercial. You can check them out in the video below, and also watch a second version of the prank, in which the customers are two ladies.By Dan Mihalascu