Rich Russians Hire Phony Ambulances to Beat the Traffic Gridlock

Aside from buying a helicopter and using it for short journeys within city limits, there is really no way to avoid heavy traffic, especially in the gridlocked urban centers of the world. Moscow is one such city, but it seems that the crafty Russians have found something much cheaper than a helicopter, in order to quickly get through any tough traffic situations. It appears that ambulances in the Russian capital have been outfitted with plush, luxurious interiors, so that they can then be used as special transportation, for important people! Just imagine having that kind of power, to make all cars scatter as you rush past at speed, ignoring traffic lights and using the siren excessively. Just imagine the wealthy passengers cracking jokes inside the ambulance, sitting in comfy chairs – receiving full gratification for the hard earned 6,000 rubles ($195 / €150) they have to pay each hour. This is actually by no means funny, and it shows just how little people care for and respect others nowadays. The authorities first witnessed the phenomenon first-hand when, “during a patrol, a medical car was stopped because it was breaking traffic rules,” and “the driver appeared strange, and did not resemble an ambulance driver at all. Police officers opened the automobile to check it and saw that the interior was fitted out like a high-class limousine with comfortable seats for transporting VIP passengers.” Apparently, the people behind the scheme were advertising their services online, calling them “ambulance-taxis”, luring their customers with their unbeatable offer – we probably shouldn’t be posting this, as it may give some people with no job and lots of free time lots of bad ideas…By Andrei Nedelea Story References: National Post
Screenshot via YouTube/RussianEmergencyCars