See What Happens When a "Black Power Ranger" Gets Pulled Over by the Cops

It’s one of those scenes when you don’t know whether you’re dreaming or what you see in front of your eyes is really happening. What looks like a routine traffic stop turns surreal when the driver gets out of his Honda Civic hatchback wearing…a Power Rangers costume. Claiming to be the “Black Power Ranger”, the driver is dressed up just like one of the characters from the children’s television series. The dialogue between the police officer and the driver is funny and reaches epic proportions when the driver asks the policeman why he stop him: “Is it because I’m black? Is that why man?” While strange situations may appear during a pull over, from the point when the driver starts insulting the officer (this is supposed to have happened in California), everything in the video looks fake. Moreover, the police officer does nothing while the “Power Ranger” makes some silly attack moves and even reaches out for a gun from his car. We’ll let you discover for yourselves what happens next in the video below.By Dan Mihalascu