Skoda Describes its New Octavia as "Amazing Everyday" in New Ad

Czech automaker Skoda has had it good ever since it launched the first Octavia. The new car, the all-new third generation model, is a modern adaptation of the original formula of taking VW Golf underpinnings and making a larger, more comfortable car. They have always promoted their cars as being “simply clever”, and marketing slogan or not, it really does have some substance when you try out their products. Now, the new Octavia has just gotten its first ad, which is exactly what you’d expect. The car is touted as an excellent means of transport for families, which it has always been, but now they are calling it “amazing everyday.” Personally, I wouldn’t go that far. Nevertheless, the Octavia is a very efficient way of moving around, and if one opts for LED daytime running lights and brown paintwork, it is arguably the most stylish modern Skoda to date, looking far better to our eyes than many offerings from parent company VW.By Andrei Nedelea