Skoda Octavia Liftback and Combi Go on Show in Geneva [w/Video]

The Skoda Octavia, a firm favorite of European families, now in its third generation, was officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. As with all previous Octavias, the Czech automaker is relying on the car’s blend of VW quality, a comfortable and compliant ride, as well as ample interior space, especially for luggage. Now, with the unveiling of both the next generation liftback and the estate models, Skoda wants to continue its record of accomplishment set by the outgoing Octavia, and with the cars’ larger dimensions (108mm longer wheelbase) perhaps attract some buyers from larger categories, as well. Those who opt for the newly revealed Combi (or Estate) model with its capacious 610 liter boot (1,740 liters with the seats folded), will also be able to carry everybody’s bags and then some more. Another ace up the Octavia’s sleeve is the well-rounded and comprehensive list of VW-sourced engines, which range from a 1.2-liter TSi petrol unit with 105PS (in some markets, an 85PS version is also offered) to a selection of 1.6- and 2.0-liter diesels, all of which are likely to be very competent, in true VW spirit. Further boosting the car’s appeal are the future RS models, which will most likely use the same 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine announced for the seventh generation of VW’s Golf GTI. It makes 220 PS (217 hp) and should provide spritely performance for the entire family (and their dog, in the case of the estate) to enjoy. By Andrei Nedelea