Someone Just Had to Do it: Aftermarket Cup Holder for Tesla Model S

There are many reasons why the Tesla Model S is a highly praised car, however, despite the fact that it seems well-engineered and thoroughly thought out, one area where the Silicon Valley-based company’s lack of experience shows is the interior. Sure, it’s minimalist and has a huge screen, but it isn’t the most practical on the market, nor does it appear to be the coziest. Considering the fact that, the flat battery pack and rear-mounted engine free up considerable room throughout, the car’s passenger compartment is really devoid of any usable storage cubbies. Yes, you have a neat button to open the glove box, but it is the only thing you can open. There are also no cup holders and the space underneath the huge screen and in-between the front seats is completely free. Tesla recently announced that it has registered its 3,000th car in California, so there’s obviously a market here for accessories. Take Teslaccessories, for example, which is run by a Model S owner who himself felt the need for an addition to his car’s interior. Thus, the first product launched by his company is the Center Console Insert, or CCI. It has been designed for the Model S to fit exactly under the dash, and extend between the seats. It is simple and features one cup-holder and a storage compartment that can be covered. This is only the first in a long line of accessories for the Model S and other Teslas, and it shows that the interest for such a market is there. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next. This has now sparked our imagination, which has gone a bit further – what would a Model S with a widebody kit, a spoiler and different rims look like? By Andrei Nedelea