Subaru WRX Concept: Are These Official Photos of the New York Auto Show Model?

Images of what is pledged to be Subaru’s New York Auto Show-bound performance concept have just surfaced on the internet. The rear license plate on the car reads “Subaru WRX Concept”, which is what we expected from the Japanese automaker when it first told us about its world premieres at the Big Apple. At this time, we cannot independently confirm the claim that this is indeed that concept, but we will say that the close-up images look real. We do know that Subaru wants to split the next WRX performance sedan from the Impreza range and create a separate line, which would encompass an even more powerful, faster and focused STI variant. Until we hear something official from Subaru, tell us what you think of this concept’s styling in the comments after the break. Photos via Forumpro
Thanks to Madeline for the tip!