Tesla Delivering More than 500 Model S Per Week Now

This year is huge for Tesla Motors, because it is to be their first full year of sales for its all-electric Model S. Things are looking up, and after some production and financial setbacks forced them to miss their first deadlines, the company now seems to have things under control. Tesla has already registered 3,000 cars in California, while it now claims to have averaged around 500 Model S deliveries per week during the last three weeks. The company added that all the electric sedans they have put on the road so far have racked up 12-million emissions-free miles (19.2 million km). The upward trend for Tesla is set to maintain, now that they have won some of the legal battles regarding their special stores, and the promise of even more showrooms opening up around the country, along with the installation of more Supercharger stations. The Silicon Valley-based manufacturer is visibly trying to make buying one of their cars a very compelling case. They also plan to expand to Europe, through a Netherlands-based production facility, which will negate the need to import the cars from the US and incur the heavy import duties faced by cars crossing the ocean. Next up will be Asia, where the market for electric vehicles is already starting to take shape, especially in China and Japan, but they have not mentioned when they plan to enter the Asian market officially. Over the next few weeks, they will be shipping an additional 40 cars for test drive venues around the world. Things seem to finally be going at a steady pace for Tesla, and if this newfound stability persists, then the electric car maker’s presence on the market is all-but assured, with the addition of the Model X crossover and the planned 3-Series rival, as well as the promise of improved cars made possible through the experience accumulated by designing and building the current model. By Andrei Nedelea