These Are Probably Some of the Luckiest Gals in Belarus

We’ll cut to the chase with the following video. No, it’s not from Russia but from neighboring Belarus and yes, it’s an accident. Dash cams have produced another YouTube blockbuster, and this time the scenario is rather simple. A reckless driver in a Renault Megane Sedan driving too fast for city-traffic runs a red light and hits what appears to be a Lada that was crossing the intersection on a green light. Both cars then drift away towards the side of the road, sweeping a pedestrian crossing in the process. Two women happened to be crossing the street at that exact moment, one they’ll probably never forget. Because, yes, they lived to remember it. The reactions people have to escape from extreme situations like these are amazing. Not to mention the enormous amount of luck both women had. Scroll down to see what happened and get a fresh perspective on what luck really means. By Dan Mihalascu