Toyota Gauges Reaction for a Convertible Version of GT 86 / FR-S with Geneva Study

Toyota is asking visitors as well as online viewers of the Geneva Motor Show if it should green light the production of a convertible version of its GT 86 sports coupe, otherwise known as the 86 or in North America, as the Scion FR-S, with the release of the FT-86 Concept. While Toyota tried to give the car a slightly conceptual look through a customized interior slathered in two-tone leather and accent stitching, it’s more or less production ready, something that even the Japanese brand admitted. The transition from coupe to convertible brings a fabric roof with a glass rear screen that retracts behind the rear seats, which remain and give the Toyota model an edge over Mazda’s rivaling MX-5 series. Toyota says the GT86 (and consequently, the BRZ and FR-S) was developed from the beginning to be offered in open top form. During the presentation of the concept in Geneva, Toyota Europe President Didier Leroy said: “I know you are all wondering about facts and figures, and body rigidity. Well, we have the same worries and Tada [chief engineer of the GT 86] and his team are deep into analysis. But GT86 was designed from the start as a cabriolet… That probably tells you all you needed to know.” Expect Scion to present its own version of the FR-86 Concept later this year. So, what do you say; should Toyota and Scion green light a convertible version of their respective coupes?