Ultra-Detailed F1 Scale Models by Andy Mathews for Sale

If you’re into cars, you’ve most likely had your passion from a very early age, and you can always relate it to one car – the one which sparked it. Following the joyous event, you ask your parents to get you a scale model, and the snowball effect begins from there on. However, there are some models so exquisite and expensive that you would never let your children even get near them. If you haven’t heard of Andy Mathews, you should do some research – he makes some of the best and most detailed automotive scale models in the world. However, instead of doing a wide assortment of different types of vehicles, Mathews is keen on making extremely detailed Formula 1 cars. Furthermore, he doesn’t just use photos from the internet for reference – he actually goes to see the real thing multiple times, before completing the model. Each car “incorporates several thousand largely handmade, authentically finished, microscopic metal parts”, he says on his website adding that it can take up to three years to complete. If you are willing to pay as much as $20,000 for each of these pieces of microscopic craftsmanship, there are a few for sale here. Furthermore, if you want to know more about Mathews and his work, you can always visit his official site, as well. By Andrei Nedelea