U.S. Getting 4-Cylinder EcoBoost 2015 Mustang After All

After a report from Edmunds said that the 2015 Ford Mustang would be getting a 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine, but only in Europe, we need to make a follow-up correction. You see, according to a newer report from Road&Track citing inside Ford sources, the turbo ‘Stang is in fact going to be sold in the US, but it won’t necessarily be the base model, as we’ll explain below. Ford is pushing its EcoBoost technology as being the very latest in turbocharged engine technology. Their aim is to have the same level of performance that one associates with a large naturally-aspirated engine (make a V6 feel like a V8). This means that they have to promote EcoBoost in a certain way, and not have the turbocharged units sit at the bottom of the range. They do it in the Fusion sedan, and the Escape and Explorer SUVs, so why would the Mustang be any different? The sportier automatic gearboxes will further emphasize the more modern image of the Stang, with gears being swapped by paddles. Keeping in mind all of the above, we can draw one more relatively-solid conclusion. Since the 2.3-liter turbo won’t be the base engine, and the current base V6 makes 305 hp, there is a very likely chance of it being more powerful. It will still sit below the GT V8, which or the 2014 model-year has 420 hp, so we can make a wild guess of around 350-360hp for the 2.3-liter unit. By Andrei Nedelea Renderings Copyright: Carscoops
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