VW Imagines the Future of Delivery Vans with e-Co-Motion Concept

The e-Co-Motion Concept is Volkswagen’s vision of a zero-emissions, compact delivery van of the not-so-distance future, and it was unveiled in the flesh today during a media-presentation held ahead of its public premiere at the Geneva International Auto Salon on Tuesday, March 5. Smaller than a Transporter at 4.55 meters (179 inches) long, the e-Co-Motion features an electric powertrain comprising an electric motor mounted on the rear-axle together with a single-speed planetary gearbox, and a battery package. VW said it chose this layout to achieve large wheel turning angles at the front axle and thereby, improve maneuverability, something necessary for a vehicle of this type. Thanks to this design, the e-Co-Motion has a turning circle of 8.95 meters. The electric motor has a continuous power output of 50 kW (67hp or 68 PS) and a maximum output of 85 kW (114hp or 115PS), together with a constant peak torque of 270Nm (199 lb-ft). While it was primarily designed for city use, VW says the speed limited doesn’t kick in until 120 km/h (75mph). The e-Co-Motion was created to be fitted with three different battery packages. A 20kWh unit provides a driving range of around 100km (62miles), while a larger 30kWh enables 150 km (93miles), and finally, a battery with 40 kWh storage capacity offers a top driving range of 200 km (124 miles). In its current form, the e-Co-Motion concept has a maximum cargo capacity of 4.6 m3 and a payload of 800 kg (1,763 pounds), but VW said the platform can serve as a basis for as many derivatives as possible “for a wide variety of body concepts and customer solutions”.