Well-Placed Kick Turns Old Russian Car Into a Pile of Parts – May Cause Uncontrollable Laughter

For sure, the following video is a hoax, and while the man in the cap may not have been aware of what was about to happen, whoever was taking the video had already planned it out. A well-placed kick in the corner of the bumper of this generic looking Lada Samara makes many important components fall to the sides – extreme chaotic laughter follows. It is a highly amusing scene, and it tries to illustrate that older Russian cars aren’t what you would call well-engineered or safe. Just check out the multitude of accident videos we’ve posted, and find those involving old Ladas in general, and the Samara in particular – do not fare well in a crash situation, at all. Still, there’s no harm in poking a bit of fun and making other people laugh. It would have been nice if the person behind the scheme could have made the rear doors, plus the wheels, and the hatch at the back to fall off – then it would have become an instant classic.By Andrei Nedelea