BMW 3-Series F30 Art Car by Andy Reiben is an LSD Trip on Wheels!

As far as the matter of turning a car into art goes, those who argue against it say art cannot serve any other purposes aside from being what it is. So what should we make of cars such as this hand-painted F-30 BMW 3-Series? Well, all we know is that its graphic designs are extremely detailed and some parts even glow in the dark – that’s got to count for something… It however, is not linked directly to BMW, as it is actually the work of a BMW dealership from the Czech Republic. The man chosen to turn the new 3er saloon into an eye-popping piece of psychedelic candy is local artist Andy Reiben. The four-door model was first wrapped in matte vinyl, then sprayed with cans of paint, before finally getting its final details done with a brush – that must have taken a lot of time. After finishing the work, and then taking a step back and looking at the creation he dubbed “Fluidum”, Reiben said: “It really is a strange feeling when you as a painter are standing in front of the hood of a beautiful black car and you are to make the first dot by the brush, which then will dance about the body to your notes and ideas and will turn everything in brilliant colour artwork.” By Andrei Nedelea Story References: BMWblog