BMW Asks If You Can Identify the New Model in This Sketch

When they’re not blasting us with covered up or smoked teasers of future models on their social media sites, automakers and their respective marketing agencies tend to get interactive with viewers. Such is the case with BMW and this sketch of one of its new / upcoming models, which was shared on the Bavarian brand’s German FaceBook page with the following question in its native language: “Welcher BMW ist hier in einer frühen Design-Skizze zu sehen?”, which Google translates to, “Which BMW is seen here in an early design sketch?”. Naturally, the first car that comes to mind is the new 3-Series Gran Turismo, but admittedly, this one does look sexier and has a lower roofline, so it could be something else – that or BMW’s designers are far more creative on paper / computers than in reality… So, what do you think it is?