Future Cars: The All-New 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

We have great news! Yes, for those if you who like to be seen driving an automotive symbol of superiority to their local yacht club, golf course or boulevard, Mercedes-Benz is prepping its latest chapter of luxurious transport – the 2015 S-Class Coupe. Now I have to admit past large Mercedes coupes have never really grabbed my attention (well apart from the glorious CL 65 AMG), yet they have always looked nice in a vanilla sense. However, in recent spy-shots, Mercedes-Benz has managed to capture my attention in what appears to be a compelling piece of rolling sculpture. So rather than showing an image full of black and white circles on a prototype vehicle, I’ve rendered something far more visually stimulating for our readers below. There is no doubt the initial reaction is of typical Mercedes-Benz design, yet the aesthetic boundaries have grown to reveal a much more sublime look than the outgoing car could ever muster. Elements of design are apparent from the Mercedes F700 concept car and the upcoming W222 S-Class sedan – the latter in particular shares its lower and upper side channels, starting from the headlights back to the rear fenders. Aston Martin-like prominent rear haunches help ground the car with a dynamic stance, whilst the rear loses its current upright tail lamps in place of sleeker, more horizontal LED clusters. Standing at the front will yield a refined, if slightly blunt view, with its strong MY2014 E-Class-like grille, LED headlights and prominent 3-Pointed star emblem. Inside, the svelte pillar-less greenhouse will be an interior similar in theme to the next S-Class sedan (pictured on the right); appearing more handcrafted with polished metal, hand stitched leather and real wood grain trim. Expected interior luxuries consist of a split-view, hi-resolution display for the speedometer, navigation and vast infotainment options. Audiophiles will appreciate the clear, ear-blasting Burmester sound and those with a penchant for arriving at their destination refreshed and relaxed, will love the energizing front seats and its hot stone massage feature. On the safety front, innovative features from the upcoming S-Class sedan will migrate to the coupe; those being Autonomous Driving assist – including Collision-Avoidance, and Park assist. Propelling the bodywork will be either a Twin-Turbo V8 or Twin-Turbo V12, and for those who like being transported in an insane manner can no doubt look forward to AMG’s potent versions. We’ve heard rumors of a diesel-electric hybrid derivative for those who yearn for additional MPG whilst taking those long alternative routes; however, it is unclear if this setup will be confirmed. Its main competitors will include the Bentley Continental GT and possibly the Rolls-Royce Wraith, yet this latest edition has the promise of tackling even the likes of the Aston Martin DB9. As for how the latest coupe will be marketed – it is expected to drop the CL moniker for the slightly less confusing S-Class Coupe namesake, with a launch dated expected late next year. Overall, it shows huge promise with a much more athletic silhouette combined with leading safety assists and performance. How well it fares in the sales charts will remain to be seen, yet it has the potential to do quite well in such a niche segment. What do you think – winner or wallflower? By Josh Byrnes Photo Renderings Copyright: Josh Byrnes / Carscoops