Help the Police Find a BMW Driver who Almost Killed Beverly Hills Bicyclist

One of the greatest risks for all those who use roads to travel – be it by car, motorcycle, bicycle or even by foot – is road rage. Take for instance this incident from Beverly Hills, California, which could have claimed the life of a bicyclist. According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the bicyclist and the BMW driver had previously got into a fight, with the motorist being punched in the face by the bike rider. Seeking revenge, the driver followed the bicyclist into an alley in the 9000 block of Wilshire Boulevard. He then “intentionally rammed the bicyclist with his vehicle pinning him to a metal rolling trash bin,” according to a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department. The video below, taken by a surveillance camera on April 3, shows the white BMW 328i sedan hitting the bicyclist head-on and then escaping the scene. Fortunately, the bike rider has emerged with only minor injuries from this scary incident. Feel free to contact Beverly Hills’ Det. Eric Hyon at (310) 285-2156 if you have information that could lead to the identification of the driver. Police describes him as a white or Middle Eastern male in his mid-30s with dark hair, dark eyes and a thin build.Story References: LA Times