Inside Performance’s 700HP BMW X6 M “Stealth” Isn’t at All Stealthy…

For most people, the 550-hp BMW X6 M is more than enough if they want an ultra-fast and flashy SUV (or SAC, as BMW likes to call it). This opinion is obviously not shared by the aftermarket specialists at Inside Performance, who set out to increase the X6 M’s power and “look-at-me” factor.

Their creation is called “Stealth”, due to the “Pixel Camouflage” car-wrapping scheme inspired by camouflage liveries used by the army for jet fighters and other vehicles. However, the combination of colors plus the fact that the X6 M’s favorite environment is the autobahn, not the sky, makes the “Stealth” name a little out of place.

Paint aside, Inside Performance also altered the looks of the X6 M by adding a new body kit, based on the wide body parts made by AC-Schnitzer. Combined with the deep concave drop-center rims supplied by Vorsteiner, the X6 M becomes 4 inches (101.6 mm) wider. Other modifications include two added air intakes on the bonnet.

On the inside, the X6 M Stealth is fitted with a data display integrated into the dashboard, which displays all necessary data like boost and gas pressure, torque and power and all temperatures (gearbox, oil, water, exhaust, air intake, intercooler).

Moving on to performance upgrades, the Mannheim-based tuner modified the X6 M’s engine so that it now churns out more than 700 horsepower and over 850 Nm (627 lb-ft) of torque. It did so by optimizing the engine and ECU, adding a 200 cells sports catalytic converter and “various technical tricks”.

Inside Performance also eliminated the speed limiter and added a new stainless steel flap-controlled exhaust system that alters the sound of the engine to fit the owner’s mood. No word on how the added power improves acceleration times and top speed, though.

By Dan Mihalascu



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