Road Rage Bully Seeks Safety Behind…Mom

True, mothers will always be there to protect their kids no matter what they do and how old they get, but, and this is a massive but, we find that a 30+ year old man running behind his mom for protection after he instigated a fight, somewhat embarrassing. If you watch the video footage that follows, you will see a man exiting his Lada Niva SUV and heading towards the driver side of a silver hatchback where we see him talking (or yelling, we can’t say for sure) to the young man behind the wheel who then attempts to open the door at which point, the guy on the outside slams it in his face. We’re against any kind of violence, but we can see why the young man was agitated… What follows next, is just short of comical, though, we’re glad mom jumped in to get control of the situation.