SimCity Game Now Features Virtual Nissan Leaf Charging Stations

If you’re into economic simulations or city building games, you will surely have heard about SimCity. Made by one of the world’s largest gaming corporations, Electronic Arts, it allows the player to create his or her own detailed themed city, now complete with Nissan-branded charging stations. Players can have as many as five of them in one city, all of which are free of charge in the game, and once they have been plopped, the roads will begin to be populated with Leaf EVs, “and players will be able to see the “EV smiles” on their Sims’ faces as they drive around town — similar to what real-life LEAF drivers experience when they get behind the wheel.” We don’t know about that, but it is an interesting addition to the game, and a very clever way for Nissan to market the Leaf, which was recently beaten in the sales department by a much more expensive luxury EV. Over 1.3 million people bought the latest installment of SimCity, since the game debuted at the beginning of March, and the number of players is set to grow further, as it is also coming out for Mac in June. By Andrei Nedelea