Tesla Not Allowed to Sell Cars in Virginia

Tesla’s idea of selling its cars by itself is a bold move, but not because it is anything particularly outrageous – it’s just very uncommon for an automaker try and do this. Now, after winning the battle to sell cars in Massachusetts, their request to sell cars in the state of Virginia has been met with refusal by the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Actually, the EV manufacturer’s request for a dealership in Tysons Corner, which dates back to March of 2012, was “vigorously opposed” by the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association. Its president, Don Hall, was quoted as saying: “We welcome Tesla to Virginia, but they too must abide by the laws like all other manufacturers and Virginia new car and truck dealers”. However, while the law may be strict and limiting, it does apparently say that a factory-owned store can be accepted if “no independent dealer is available to operate the franchise in a manner consistent with the public interest.” This means that Tesla will continue to pursue its goal, and as it has been successful in other states where its way was accepted in the end, we don’t see them giving up. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: Autonews