This is What Happens to a Miata when it Gets Too Close to a Corvette

The good thing about race-prepped cars and track circuits is that drivers can hone their skills and push their limits much, much higher than what they would ever attempt to do on a public road, in a completely legal manner and in a far more safer and controlled environment for the themselves and other motorists.  The bad thing is that all of the above can actually make some drivers be less careful and more spontaneous, which can, of course, lead to trouble… At the Thunderhill Raceway Park in northern California, a Corvette C5 racer roared passed a Mazda MX-5 on a long straight after a turn, but as it approached the next left hand turn, it slowed down significantly. The Mazda driver, however, did not react quickly and as he was right behind the Corvette, the car clipped its bumper on the right side and went flying into the air! According to the crew from Corvetteonline, the reason why the C5 driver abruptly pressed hard on the brakes was because he spotted a yellow flag “displayed by a corner worker for an off-track car ahead“. Watch how it happened in the video below.