Audi A8 Driver Throws a Wild Hissy Fit After Minor Accident and Trashes His Own Car!

If this incident, which purportedly happened in Malaga, Spain, is indeed real as claimed and doesn’t turn out to be some sort of hoax, then the driver and protagonist of the scene should be considered a prime candidate for the coveted “moron of the year” award. Why? Well, let’s take it from the beginning. The man behind the wheel of the Audi, which we believe to be a front-wheel drive [as pointed out by our readers, it turns out it’s a Quattro – see at 3.17 mark] first generation A8 sedan – unless we’re mistaken about the size and it’s an older A6, is said to have had a minor accident crashing into a metal rail. Accidents like that happen all the time, but what took place after, does not… The man, who may or may not have been intoxicated, was determined to back out even though the front tires were in the air. After several failed attempts, he exits the car in rage and jumps on it kicking and breaking the windshield. He then enters the Audi again and for several minutes tries to back out – at some point, the tires touch ground and he frees the German sedan. We don’t know why, but he then stops on the road, gets out and starts punching (with his hands and his…head), jumping and kicking the Audi! If you any of you know more details about this incident, tell us in the comments below.