Bologna Airport Gets Its Own Lamborghini Aventador Security Car!

Lamborghini Aventadors are finding work around the world, providing various services, from highway patrol safety in the Middle East, to assuring the security of Bologna airport, in Italy. We suspect, however, that once you get a 700PS supercar onto a long open runway, the last thing on one’s mind is the actual security duty… The car was sent over from the Lamborghini factory, as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, and it will actually be driven on the runway, guiding planes as they taxi into or out of the Guglielmo Marconi airport hangars or boarding areas. The solution is not permanent, though, and the car will be returned on 19 May – we hope they don’t strip it down, leave it as is and have it displayed somewhere for people to see. Check it out for yourself in the video we’ve posted after the virtual jump. We wonder what’s next, and can’t wait to have our mail or milk delivered in one of these; if you’re asking why, the answer is why not…By Andrei Nedelea