Check Out POV Test Drive of the 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport

The BMW 3-Series is touted as being the benchmark compact executive sedan, regardless what you pit it against. However, the current generation car, the F30, has been criticized for not being as sharp to drive as the E90 model it replaces, and according to some reviews, the Cadillac ATS has it beaten when it comes to driving dynamics. Also, its interior displays little design flair over the previous generation, and coupled with the loss of identity (can be confused with the 5-Series and vice-versa), some buyers may shy away from the Bavarian automaker, and try out a new Lexus IS, like the one filmed here by Winding Road. One of the newest cars in its class, the IS with the F-Sport body kit stands out from other models, especially from the front and back – the side is a bit bland compared to the rest of the design package, but it’s still well-proportioned and does not to upset the overall lines. It should also be better to drive than the car it replaces, as Lexus has actively worked to improve its driving manners, and the interior looks quite a bit more modern than that of the BMW, which in my opinion, is just a boring sea of pleasant-to-touch plastics. I may sound overly-biased towards the Japanese car, while bashing the BMW, but it just goes to compensate for some of the unjustifiably positive reviews for the F30 3-Series. Just check out the POV test drive posted after the jump – the Lexus sounds great, it corners flat, it has a great-looking interior and different styling, proof that they are trying to improve its image. I think BMW, on the other hand, is merely resting on the laurels of many exceptional cars from their past. By Andrei Nedelea