Driver Slams Into a Pole, Quickly Jumps Out to Visit Outdoor Bathroom

I guess if you have to go, you have to go. As scary as this accident may look, the way it turned out can only cause laughter. Allow us to explain. The driver of the vehicle with the dash-cam noticed an Opel Corsa from the opposite lane veering off the road before crashing into a light pole. Instead of driving away, he did the right thing and turned around to provide help, but what he saw upon arriving at the scene was not what he expected… The Opel Corsa driver had already exited the vehicle and was…taking a leak, unfazed by the accident and relieved. The author of the YouTube video and likely the person behind the wheel of the other car commented: “The driver of the gray car wanted so badly to go to the toilet after the accident that he ran out the car for his need – perhaps this was the cause of his accident with the pole.”