Find Out How a BMW Worker Created the First Ever 3-Series Touring in His Spare Time!

The tale of the BMW 3-Series Touring is an unusual one in an industry that is usually three steps ahead of consumers and can anticipate their needs years in advance. Instead of BMW coming up with the idea, it was actually a 3-Series sedan owner (and BMW employee) who was the first to create the car. The man behind the story is Max Reisböck, who wanted to drive the compact sedan and use it to carry his family around, but was displeased with the insufficient luggage area, so he decided to make his own estate, in his back yard, using a wrecked car as a base! After finishing the custom 3-Series Touring, he showed it his bosses who were so impressed with the resulting load-lugger, that the company took over the project, and three years later, the first production-spec 3-Series Touring went on sale. Check out the video below, and watch the man himself tell his story, for which he should rightfully be proud, because his idea created what is now a very popular sporty estate. Sure, BMW would have ended up making it anyway, but Mr. Reisböck efforts sped up the process considerably. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: BMW via Worldcarfans