Ford Sued Again for its Hybrids’ Economy Figures

Ford has been selling its Fusion and C-Max hybrids in the US quite soundly, despite the fact that their image suffered a mild blow after being hit with lawsuits regarding their efficiency claims, three of which were quite major. Now, Marianne Cibeu from Massachusetts adds to that number, with a new suit asking for $5-million in damages for herself and the rest of the Ford hybrid buyers in the state. She argues her case by explaining that there’s a huge difference between the claimed 47 mpg that her C-Max Hybrid should achieve, and the 32 mpg it’s actually getting. The reason is a financial one, as the woman explains that she would not have purchased the car had she known the actual figures, or she would have paid less for it as a direct result of the poorer economy. Still, Ford’s hybrids are selling, and aside from the optimistic consumption figures, the Blue Oval’s two current offerings are good cars, and praised as such. Hopefully, the automaker can iron out some of the bugs along the way, and improve their models so that they get closer to what is written on the colorful window sticker. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: Boston Business and Universalhub
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