Instant Karma for Toyota Prius Cabby Making an Illegal U-Turn

This is what we call “instant karma”. Bill Walsh, a bicyclist, who seems to have suffered from drivers making illegal U-turns on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., as evidenced by the head-cam videos (see below) featured on his YouTube channel, finally saw justice served. While riding on the bike lane, Walsh was confronted by yet another driver looking to make a quick U-turn. Infuriated by the move, he yells “Illegal, illegal!” to the driver of the Toyota Prius taxicab, who doesn’t really seem to care. Well, he should have because the bicyclist wasn’t the only person watching him; there was also an officer in a police car right behind them – and not any officer, but a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Police…[sic]. The security police officer of the FBI swiftly turns on the sirens and pulls the taxi driver over to the side of the road for a chat, to the pleasure of the bicyclist. On an lighter and more humorous note, and while we’re not saying the bicyclist is wrong in any way, quite the opposite, but the way he does it, kind of reminds us of that kid in school who would always point his finger and say “he did it, he did it”.