Jaguar Tells Autocar F-Type Coupe Patents Show Concept, We Say Pics May Suggest Otherwise

Recently, German car magazine shared some patent renderings showing what they reported as being the F-Type Coupe, something we agreed upon leaving a small question mark. However, just the other day, British publication came with a report stating that a Jaguar spokesperson told them that the “apparent F-type coupé renderings in fact show the C-X16 concept from 2011″. As usually happens in our digital world, many sites jumped in on Autocar’s report and took it for granted. After looking into the matter again, we’ll disagree with Autocar’s assessment that the renderings clearly show the concept – not because of a spokesperson statement, but due to facts from specific photos of the patented coupe, the C-X16 Concept and the production F-Type roadster. If you take a look at our cropped pictures of all three cars below, you will see that the both the patented coupe and the F-Type roadster feature certain common parts that are absent or different from the concept model, including the retractable headlamp washers, the hook cover on the left side of the grille slat, and the door mirrors. There’s also the door handles, though, we see two buttons on the patented coupe, one on the F-Type and none on the concept. So is this the production coupe? Well, as noted in our previous article, we’re not entirely sure as they could be patents for a pre-production design, but it certainly isn’t exactly the same car as the concept. On a side note, the magazine said that these patents were filed in August 2011, which is partially true, because Jaguar re-filed the same set on February of 2012. In any case, since the C-X16 was virtually 99 percent production ready, if and when Jaguar goes ahead and introduces the F-Type Coupe to its range, you’ll have to pay very close attention to the details to tell the two models apart. By John Halas