Jeep Reintroduces Patriot Freedom Edition Model for Memorial Day

You probably noticed that we were in cruising mode on Monday due to the celebration of Memorial Day, a day when the U.S. remembers its soldiers that died on the battlefields. Since Jeep is a brand that shares a special connection with the U.S. Army, the carmaker decided to honor Memorial Day by announcing the reintroduction of a special 2014 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition. “This Memorial Day, in tribute to the brave men and women, past and present, serving our country here and abroad, the brand is reintroducing a special 2014 Model Year Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition,” Jeep said in a release. It’s basically the exact same Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition from 2012, a limited edition Patriot Latitude that features military-inspired stars on the hood and rear quarter panel, “Oscar Mike” badging (that’s military speak for “on the move”) on the lower front door, silver accent stitching and a black fabric “star” logo patch on the front seats. The car is only available in red, white or blue paint. Jeep says it will offer a $250 (€195) donation to military charities for each 2014 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition sold. The base price for the front-wheel drive model is $21,795 (€16,850), with the 4×4 starting from $25,195 (€19,475). By Dan Mihalascu