Macho Jerk in California Slaps Motorcyclist Who Captures it on Film

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had a camera to record everything? Well, this motorcycle rider from California did, as he had mounted a small camera on top of his helmet filming an incident that took place this week, just outside a Honda dealership in the city of Burlingame in San Mateo County. In the video, we see the motorcyclist and the driver of a black Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6 waiting at a red light before both accelerate fast once the green light comes on, then the motorist stops abruptly in front of the biker and approaches him in a menacing way. “What’s up fool,” [Mr.T would be proud…] he says, to which the biker responds, “What? Sorry”. The GTI driver says, “Hey, you better check yourself, boy” and slaps the motorcyclist in the head! We don’t know if anything else took place before, but the driver’s actions were completely uncalled for.  The episode ended there, but after posting the video, the rider went ahead and told the police about the incident. He also posted the following message about the encounter on his YouTube Channel under the alias “h4mstaboy”: From the motorcycle rider: “To those that are asking, I did go back to the police with a formal complaint and the will to prosecute the attacker. Inkedbeast76 helped me tremendously with this effort by guiding me through the whole process. I am forever grateful for such help, especially for someone to help a stranger from YouTube! Everything is in order and I have ID’d the attacker and now it’s just a matter of waiting for the results or the call from the PD. Just for everyone to know. I was NOT trying to race him, and I know the video makes it seem so. But I just wanted to pass him since I noticed he kept staying right next to me. I accelerated a bit to pass him but slowed down when I noticed I was approaching speed limit as well the a yellow light. The guy, for some odd reason, cut right behind me when I passed him, cutting off my friend and tailing me very closely (according to my friend). I didn’t notice him behind me since he did it so abruptly, I assume he either got pissed that he thought I was trying to race him? Or that I purposely brake checked him? I was about to tell him that my intention wasn’t was to race him but he got all macho on me. And for those that are wondering. YES I took his little slap to the head. No harm done. I’m not an aggressive guy, I assumed this was another typical road rage, let the guy do his little act and be on with it. Of course I wanted to punch him but that would’ve made matters worse with all the people watching. If he had tried to take another swing at me then I would’ve gotten off to defend myself, but 1 little slap was no big deal.”