Michael Bay Reveals Transformers 4 Movie Cars Including New Corvette Stingray

We just learnt through Michael Bay’s official website that the cast of cars in the upcoming sci-fi action movie Transformers 4 will gain two all-new members, along with a “completely upgraded” and “custom built” version of Optimus Prime. The first is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse – undoubtedly a cool sight to see it turn into a robot. The second car is a striking electric green Corvette Stingray, which director Michael Bay says is a “special race-inspired” model . At least here you will get to see more of the cars they feature, unlike the latest movie in the Fast&Furious saga, which we saw and thought it had far too little emphasis on the actual vehicles used – a pity since the selection showed that some thought had gone into the picking of the specific models. However, it has not yet been announced which characters will be played by the new cars, while speculation suggests a revival of the Deceptacon (bad guy) bounty hunter Lockdown or even Dinobots. The cast is also getting some new members including comedian TJ Miller, who will co-star along Mark Wahlberg and the regulars. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: Yahoo Movies via Jalopnik