More Than 300 Cars and 2 Real Tanks Used in Fast & Furious 6 Movie

You expect a lot of cars to be used up on a movie set, where many identical models are needed for various scenes, in which you end up perceiving them as one when watching everything after it’s been properly edited. Furthermore, if said movie also happens to be part of a street racing series, like the Fast and Furious franchise, you expect the number of used cars to be high. In the case of the sixth installment of the Fast and Furious series that hit cinemas today, it’s 300 cars. Just ask Dennis McCarthy, the man who coordinated the use of all the vehicles, and oversaw the destruction of as many as 5-6 cars per day. In an interview with NY Daily News, McCarthy said there were 10 Dodge Chargers (but apparently could have used twice as many) to represent just two vehicles in the final movie. Even the tank in the film is real, and in fact, they used two real tanks and two mockups that were based on motorhomes, and deployed on roads where the actual tanks would exceed the allowed weight threshold. Still, regardless of how many cars they used/destroyed, it all comes down to how everything comes together. What’s interesting is that, McCarthy says they didn’t overdo it with the computer animations for the intense action scenes, and most of what happens on screen was actually performed and shot in real life – we’re curious to see how that translates to the screen. Finally, McCarthy confirms that the franchise is looking ahead and work on the seventh film has already commenced. Not much is known, but it seems that the selection of cars will shift more towards exotics, so take your pick of names.
By Andrei Nedelea