New Photos of 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan Leaked on the Web? [Updated]

Update: As pointed out by our readers, these two pictures of the 2014 Corolla aren’t the real deal; they’re renderings from Humster3d (see the second video after the jump) While Toyota isn’t hiding the fact that a new generation of the Corolla sedan is coming out this year having previewed the car through the Furia Concept at the Detroit Motor Show in January and even teased the production version via this picture last week, the company says it won’t actually reveal the compact model until June 6. As always, the interwebs have a different opinion, and besides these photos that were leaked online in February, we now have a new pair of images, purportedly of the production 2014 Corolla sedan, courtesy of Encontracarros. At this time, we can’t verify their authenticity, but we will say that they are in line with everything else we’ve seen up until now, meaning even if it does turn out that they aren’t real, the actual car will look more or less like the model represented in these two images (the first two in the gallery below). It’s worth mentioning here that at last month’s 2013 Shanghai motor show, Toyota displayed a concept model named Yundong Shuangqing II, which appeared to be a concept version for a Toyota Corolla Hybrid. This concept was more close to the production model than the Furia study from Detroit. Thanks to Lee for the tip!