Not Much Remains After Ferrari F430 Crashes at Over 300 Km/h – 186mph

Tires are one of the main factors limiting a high-performance car’s top speed. Even if you have the latest and best models, driving at high speed puts a lot of strain on them, and one could easily burst at any time.

We imagine that Ferrari owners are aware of the performance potential of their vehicle, particularly the newer cars they’ve been churning out, and they always have the best rubber on. Even so, things can go south in an instant, as 41 year-old Markus R. and his wife Angela, 39, found out on May 1.

While driving his Ferrari F430 Scuderia at around 300 km/h (186 mph) on a derestricted stretch of the A7 autobahn, outside of Hannover, the right rear tire popped. The Italian supercar spun around itself, before hitting both guardrails abd coming to a rest.

The Scuderia is far beyond totaled – it is a total wreck, and nothing appears salvageable. Amazingly, both the passenger and driver were okay. Apparently, Mr. Markus R. has had his fair share of Ferrari-related problems, as he previously owned a car that caught fire while driving. The last time, the cause was a still-lit cigarette butt that ignited the car’s interior plastics…

By Andrei Nedelea

Photo Credits: Eberhard Wedler via Bild



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