RCA Students Craft a Nifty-Looking Art Piece Inspired by Jaguar

People perceive art in different ways, especially when it concerns modern art, where the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” holds very true. That said and for what it’s worth, we like what the Royal College of Art (RCA) students Ewan Gallimore and Claire Miller came up with for a Jaguar competition. The carmaker chose their entry out of a total of nine submissions to display at the Clerkenwell Design Week, which runs in London from May 21 to 23. Looking at the metallic sculpture, we get the sense of speed, elegance and tradition mixed with modern lines – in fact, we also see a future Jaguar E-Type in the conceptual structure, which was inspired by the English brand’s past and current models. According to Ewan and Claire, “Jaguar has a long history of ground-breaking design so we knew we needed to create something truly special to catch the eye of Jaguar Advanced Design Director, Julian Thomson. We began the project by looking at light, specifically the way the light falls within the space at Clerkenwell. We thought about how our form could accentuate this light and convey volume through its use of materials and our knowledge of how these materials react with one another.” “Our form relates to the Jaguar brand through its sculptural volumes, bespoke materials and visual lightness. These elements helped us to create a sculpture that aimed to display a seamless transition between interior and exterior space.”