Renault Explains Philosophy Behind 320PS Twin'Run Concept

Renault has expanded its operations in recent years, building everything from electric cars with tandem seating to mid-size saloons with V6 engines and even crossovers/SUVs. However, the thing they are most famous for is making great small fast cars, and sadly, the latest Clio RS seems to stray away from that, if we are to believe what we read/watch in the reviews. Hope is not lost, though, and if the team behind the Twin’Run concept can manage to keep up their enthusiasm (and that of the higher-ups within the company), then we should expect a nice pocket-sized fast Renault to emerge out of it. Sure, now in its concept form it’s just a mid-engined road-going race car with a V6 engine, rear-wheel drive and 320-horsepower – this makes it one of the least feasible road cars in the world. I like the Twin’Run, the philosophy behind it, its looks and its historical accuracy. All Renault needs to do now is keep the same spirit going and transfer some of it into the road car that this previews, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a good old-fashioned fun small hatchback. No EDC dual-clutch unless we want it, unlike in the new Clio RS. Still, if this proves to be a dud, there are plenty of Clio Mk.3 RS models and Twingo RS models on the second hand market to choose from, at surprisingly low prices…By Andrei Nedelea