Renault Reportedly Killed Off Modern Interpretation of R4 for Captur

It’s clear that Renault thinks retro-modern looks are still in fashion, as the next Twingo will bear more than just a passing resemblance to the Clio’s precursor, the R5. However, according to GoAuto, the French automaker was planning one more retro model, which was going to harken back to the R4, which is an even older rhombus-badged small hatchback introduced in 1961. It seems that Renault’s former management, led by ex-COO Patrick Pelata who was forced to step down in 2011, was really interested in the creation of a heavily retro-influenced car with R4 styling cues, and that development of the vehicle had already commenced and was well underway. However, once Renault’s new COO, Carlos Tavares was chosen to lead the group, the philosophy changed, and they went for the creation of the more mainstream Captur crossover, arguing that it is a more “forward thinking” decision. It’s a shame, because Renault is far better at making good small cars than they are at making crossovers – just check out the concept that previews the upcoming Twingo. It takes its inspiration from the R5, but it is a thoroughly modern take on the design, and it just oozes style. The modern R4 could have looked something like this. By Andrei Nedelea Note: Renault 4 Concept design credits go to David Obendorfer