Romanian Cops Nearly Run Over Old Lady on Crosswalk

It seems that the corruption of crosswalks is not limited to the vast expanses of Russia, and it actually affects all countries around the world. While in Russia you get to walk on the hood of offenders’ cars, in Romania you aren’t given a chance to by the police. What I mean by that is that they may run you over before you get a chance to make a statement, as the video posted below eloquently illustrates. You will notice that aside from the unfortunately stopped silver Dacia Logan, the, the elderly woman has a clear path to the other side of the (wide) street. However, after having been spurred along by anxious honking at the hand of the same aforementioned driver, she picks up the pace, and just as she’s about to make it to the other side safely, a cop car nearly runs her over – she hits the side of the moving car, so it was definitely painful. Thankfully, all she got out of it was a big fright. As for the cops, they probably lived to protect and serve another day, hopefully, better next time.By Andrei Nedelea Story References: Trafictube
Hat tip to European!