Student Drivers Caught in the Middle of Tornado in Louisiana [NSFW]

We all have some stories to tell from our days of student driving, but these rookies can say that they passed through a tornado and lived to tell the tale. Mind you, they weren’t driving just any type of vehicle but 70-foot semi-trucks. The recorded incident took place in Shreveport, Louisiana, close to the GM plant on Bert Kouns on May 16. Looking around for tornado clips, we also stumbled upon a second video, though, unlike the aforementioned student truck drivers, these folks, were actually chasing the storm in a specially prepared vehicle named the Dominator 3 based on a Ford Super Duty pickup truck that was completed just last month. “This tornado was one of the strongest ever intercepted, and we needed all 10,000k pounds of the new Dominator because I have never felt vibration like that before as we were slammed by suction vortices wrapping all around the vehicle,” said the tornado chasers on their YouTube channel. Watch both videos below.