Volvo Releases Video Teasers for Mystery World Premiere, but What is it?

Volvo’s current lineup of models is satisfactory, especially after they added the V40 to the range, but by dropping of the C30 three-door hatch and S40 sedan, they could never compete with their German rivals in terms of diversity. They need new models, and the two teaser videos posted below may be preparing us for just that. However, they are so ambiguous that they may very well be announcing a new sponsorship for their yachting effort, and we’d be none the wiser… If we take a closer look at where the two teasers were shot, it’s very clear that it was outdoors, and the viewer is meant to see it, so if it is a car, then it may very well be a crossover. There have been rumors suggesting that Volvo is very interested in making such a model, which would slot in neatly between the V40 Cross Country and larger XC60 – the vehicle which is just visible in teaser video No2 seems tall and stout enough to be a crossover… We will not be kept in the dark for long, though, as the teasers also announce May 17 as being the day they reveal what it is that they are teasing here, so let the waiting game begin… Note: We tried enlarging the vehicle visible in the second teaser – and it does look like a crossover.By Andrei Nedelea