Watch the Tesla Model S Reach its Top Speed of 133MPH or 213KM/H

The Tesla Model S is turning into a success story for the Silicon Valley-based automaker, having received praise for many qualities and not only for being a good EV, but a good all-round practical car. All owners of the all-electric sedan seem to be into their cars, and I haven’t seen a vehicle catch people’s attention like this in a while, especially for a relatively new brand like Tesla. As the number of owners grows, so do personal videos posted on YouTube. The latest one we found is from a Model S Performance version owner, who takes his car to its top speed. He sets off the line slowly, but then punches the right pedal and the car quickly reaches 133 mph (213 km/h), where it tops out. Remember the Model S can out-accelerate a BMW M5, so the ease with which it reaches this speed is not surprising. It could probably go even faster, but that would likely eat up the battery’s energy. We’re still waiting for the first performance mods By Andrei Nedelea