We Learn Citroen’s Plan to Reinvent Itself from Brand's CEO

Citroen management is going to address rightful concerns regarding their model lineup overlapping that of sister-brand Peugeot, and in order to make the double chevron logo relevant again, they are going to aim these cars at a different audience, which is more into touchscreens than sports suspension packs.

The information comes from the brand’s CEO, Frederic Banzet, who has announced that they their new line of C-branded cars will better compliment their range of “nearly-premium” DS-badged offerings by “optimizing cost-to-function ratio.”

The Citroen boss was keen to specify the fact that price won’t necessarily be the main differentiating factor between their future offerings and equivalent Peugeot models. They aim to woo buyers with “a very strong design with quite radical choices and a new range of specifications.”

He explained that they’re not planning on having “C-line cars that can be driven at 250kph on the highway, which means simplification of the engine range and gearboxes. But value is added elsewhere, through the ability for the customer to personalize his car…”

Proof of this is the E3 production car, which is to take inspiration from the funky C-Cactus concept, as well as the classic 2CV – emphasis will be put on the design, but unlike the C-line, the E3 will be clearly positioned lower in the range, while still being a more upmarket than cars like the Dacia Logan or Sandero.

Expect to see the first new Citroen C-cars make their appearance sometime in the second half of 2014.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Autonews Europe

Note: Citroen C-Cactus pictured.



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