Woman Chased by Cops Calls 911 to Ask Trooper to "Get Off Her Back"

Well, here’s one we haven’t heard before. A 44-year old woman from Salt Lake County was engaged in a police chase after she refused to pull over for speeding and illegally using the emergency lane to bypass traffic. What makes this story colorful is that the woman, later on identified as Lisa Ann Bluth, called 911 and asked the dispatcher “that the trooper get off her back”! According to KSL News, when the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) called her back and told her that she should pull over, she told the dispatcher that she was not required to do so and that the cops had stolen her previous car and taken her blood. To make a long story short, the troopers deployed spikes on the road, but the woman was able to avoid them once and get a single flat tire the second time, before she was cornered and apprehended. Once in custody, Bluth told officers that “she did not stop because she was a sovereign citizen and (police) had no authority to stop her,” according to the UHP. You can watch the chase in the video below.