12-Year Old Kid Buys 3 Ferrari Models After Selling App to Google, But Is It True?

Here’s the thing with the story you’re about to read and watch: we don’t know if we’re supposed to feel amazed, jealous or suspicious. To sum it up, the super- and sports-car loving crew over at FGear.TV on YouTube, posted a video interview of a 12-year old kid, likely from the UK judging by his accent, who currently owns not one, not two but three Ferrari models. If true, it would make him the youngest owner of Maranello’s creations in the world that we’ve heard about. The video description reads: “We met up again with 12 year old Callum who purchased a Ferrari when he was 10. Now, he has 3 Ferrari’s including a 458 and a 599GTO and soon to be a star in a documentary series.” The boy is named Callum and he tells FGearTV’s Yusef Mamoojee that he is a self-made millionaire after creating an unnamed app that he sold to Google when he was eight. The internet giant then allegedly signed over a check for $/£ 8.5 million (it is unclear if he was paid in US dollars, GB pounds or in another currency) the following year, which Callum used to buy the three Ferraris. Many YouTube commentators are skeptical about the story with some calling it a hoax due to a lack of details. For example, user ‘alix514ify’ said: “No surname. No name on the app. Holes everywhere in his story. Sounds like he studied his story. Which 12 year old talks like this? What kind of father allows his 12 year old to buy those cars?” Others, however, like user ‘Daandude1’, believed Callum’s story and were critical of some commentators who raised questions about its veracity: “I think this kid is much smarter as all the guys together who unliked this video…people are hateful when goes about money even in this case about a boy of 12 y old. It’s a sick world” We did a quick search on Google, but came out empty handed, though, we will note that the information provided in the video is not adequate (if you have more details, feel free to tell us in the comments or in an email). What do you think; is this story real or a clever hoax to bring in views? Update: Tipster Shawn pointed us to an older video of Callum from FGear.TV, shot in 2010.

  • george

    paid them off

  • Killua In The Cut (Banned)

    Its a lie here’s the truth, he admits it at the end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnOV9X6-eao&hd=1

  • ipgrunt

    Or his dad is an executive at Google and its very shady….

  • Anthony G

    the grandparents didnt buy it for him, well he was too young to purchase it himself so he gave his grandparents the money to pay and put their names on the papers

  • Beard Guy

    There are big holes, where is the name of the app? Show it to me and then maybe Ill believe you.

  • Harry Plumb

    Not in some cases, in the UK you are allowed to drive on private property without a license and no age limit so maybe the track is on private property but he definitely cant drive on the streets.

  • hayden

    what kind of app did he create, what did it do?

  • Ryan C. Stebbins

    Awesome, more power to him – but is it really legal for a 12-year-old to be on the street? Confused.

  • its not very accurate at all. they cant know what everybody has in the bank can they. or out of the bank for that matter.